Yunnan Delegation visiting Solothurn China Services

The delegation lead by Mrs Li Hong, Deputy Director of Dehong Bureau of Commerce, was visiting Solothurn as an initial contact in order to learn about common fields and interests. Further the delegation was composed of delegates from Mang, Lianghe, Ruili, Dehong and some enterprise leaders. Special interest was found on both sides to establish direct trade between Yunnan province and Solothurn / Swiss companies in close future.

Zunyi-Solothurn tourism exchange

In summer 2017 a 15-strong delegation from Zunyi in Guizhou province in China visited Canton Solothurn for the best part of a day. The focus was on exchange on economic matters, and in particular tourism. Solothurn’s director of tourism Jürgen Hofer and Zunyi’s director of communications Zheng Xin talked in-depth about the possibility of a future exchange. The visit finished with a guided tour of the city of Solothurn.

Trade delegation from Ningbo in Solothurn

In summer 2017 a trade delegation from Ningbo in China and the Canton Solothurn Economic Development Agency met to talk about promising points of contact in terms of industry, direct investment and industrial parks. The meeting showed that there is interest on both sides in future collaboration.

Jiangyn Economic Construction Leading Team visiting SCS

A delegation headed by Deputy Chief Chen XingHua was visiting from the Jiangyin Economic Construction Leading Team. Main goal was to present one another and have first but already very detailed and straight forward exchange on potential areas of future collaborations.                               

Dr. Karl Brander visits sister province of Gansu

In the course of a bunch of working meetings together with various departments, offices and institutions in Lanzhou, Solothurn China Services has presented their field of action for the first time in China. The visits' most important aim was to discuss and fix solid next steps to implement the long-lasting partnership of the two provinces.

Visits were paid, among others, to the Lanzhou trade fair, the Lanzhou New Area, departments of State-owned enterprises, Technology, Investments, Industry, Tourism and Education. Also several companies from different industries, an R&D centre as well as two educational institutions were visited.

The intentions and efforts of SCS were highly appreciated, personal contacts strengthened and new ones established.  By means of concrete hands-on action further steps are now scribed or already in realization.

Yichun City, Jiangxi Province visiting SCS

On June 28th the delegation from Yichun City, headed by SC Deng Baosheng, gave Solothurn China Services their visit. This first meeting has revealed some striking structural similarities between Yichun City and the Canton of Solothurn. Further exchange and specific developments in certain fields is planned.

Ningbo Eastern New Town delegation visiting SCS

On June 24th the delegation, headed by Deputy Commander in Chief, Xu Lei, was presenting the New Center of Ningbo, the "Eastern New Town", Ningbo. The delegation, the Solothurn economic development agency SEDA and Solothurn China Services SCS have exchanged plentiful of information and details for further exchange and development.