Success stories in the Canton of Solothurn

DW Swiss AG is an independent technology company specialized in the development of ultra-light water (also known as Deuterium Depleted Water, DDW) and its derivative products. Originally, the Chinese company Dalian Shiji Xinyuan Technology Development had registered its technology in the Chinese market. Switzerland was considered as the ideal location for their research, development and manufacturing, which in May 2015 led to the opening of an independent production base in Olten in the canton of Solothurn. Ms. Ke Xiangwen, General Manager of the Dalian Shiji Xinyuan Technology in China explains why: «Switzerland has long been a world leader in life sciences, biomedical technology research and pharmaceuticals. Swiss products have an international reputation of being superior in quality and highly reliable».  Not only the incomparable pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, but also the high-quality living environment played a decisive role in the decision to invest in Switzerland: «This is a crucial ingredient to the healthy development of the industry.»

The cantonal economic promotion of Solothurn assisted them extensively throughout their efforts by recommending «professional services, choosing a site and dealing with paperwork”, says Ke Xiang Xiang Wen.

Chinese investors in the watch making industry

In 2011 the Chinese Haidan group purchase the traditional watch brand Eterna in Grenchen. Jianguang Shang has been made CEO. The company announced that since the takeover, the staff has increased from 62 to 80.

Chinese investors don’t always buy a complete company like with Eterna. Often, they become part owners of a company. 

Chinese entrepreneurs in the Canton of Solothurn

Thanks to an agreement between the "Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Heilongjiang" and the University of Applied Science of Northwestern Switzerland, more than a 100 CEOs from the Heilongjiang province come to the Canton of Solothurn. Here, they attend management courses at the University of Applied Science. These courses focus on specific topic, for example tourism or techno parks.