Switzerland is one of the most competitive countries in regards to research and innovation. It belongs to the countries spending the largest amount in relationship to their Gross Domestic Product for Research and Development. Private economy contributes more than two thirds of the R&D expenditure in Switzerland which amounts to approximately 3% of GDP, about 16 Billion CHF.  Public research funding focuses on the researchers own initiatives, the principal of competition and international cooperation.

Switzerland ranks currently at the top of many international research and innovation rankings. The number of published scientific papers is especially high and more patents per capita are filed here than anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, Swiss research studies are represented above average in the international research community.

Swiss participations at competitive international research programs are very successful. Not only concerning the number of grants, but also concerning the amount of funds received for projects, Switzerland belongs to the leading countries. 

These top rankings show that the Swiss research and innovation policies and the division of tasks between the private and public stakeholders  work very well.

Source: State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI

Innovation in the Canton of Solothurn

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