China is the largest buyer of Swiss industrial products in Asia and the third largest worldwide (after the EU and the United States). The main Swiss products, which are exported to China include machinery and instruments, watches as well as chemical and pharmaceuticals. According to the survey to the export trend of Switzerland by Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), China is in the foreground as a new market.

Bettina Rutschi, Senior Economist at Credit Suisse: «the export prospects for Swiss companies in 2016 will be best in emerging countries of the Asian region, above all in China. For 2016 we expect an economic growth of 7% and a depreciation of the Swiss franc against the Chinese Yuan by 6% in China. This should keep demand high for Swiss products."

Swiss exports to China

Export volume (2013) 8,8 Billion CHF
Main Export industries

Machine industry (non-electronic): 19,2%

Pharmaceutical industry: 18,9%

Watch industry: 16,5%

Medical technology: 8,5%

Machine industry (electronic): 8,5%

Swiss investments
(in China)
14,806 Billion CHF


Overview of China


 9'561'600 m2 (232 times bigger than Switzerland)


1,364 Billion



Official language



Form of government

People's Republic

Gross Domestic Product in USD

10'356,5 Billion