Real estate

The canton of Solothurn offers plots of land in well developed industrial zones, or available production facilities, and  also modern office premises.  Ask Solothurn China Services to help you to find the optimal location for your project.


The main economic regions of the Canton with the urban areas of Grenchen, Solothurn and Olten are are stretched out along the south side of the Jura hills for 50 kilometers. Each of these regions has its own economic structure and strengths.

Solothurn region

The region of Solothurn and its surroundings is a popular residential region. It has a suburban character close to the city, but with many rural municipalities.   As the most beautiful baroque city of Switzerland, Solothurn is also a tourist attraction. With connections to the national highways A1 and A5, giving access to the western part of Switzerland and the railway hub of the Swiss railway network going from Geneva to Zurich, Solothurn is optimally integrated into the national public and private transport grid. Its well balanced mix of different companies and industries makes this region the ideal location for everybody.

Olten region

Thanks to the highway junction Egerkingen of the main Swiss highways A1 and A2, the rail hub of Olten for the Swiss national railways, the region of Olten-Gösgen-Gäu in the Canton of Solothurn has become the center for many service and finance companies, as also logistics and distribution centers. These strengths  and a strong industrial tradition has made this region an ideal location for companies of the precision industry,  machine-building and electronics industry, as well as the energy and the chemical pharmaceutical industry.

Grenchen region

Grenchen is a town of «soft industries»: in addition to manufacturers of world-known watch brands, companies for high-precision machinery and apparatus as well as latest technologies in areas such as microelectronics, plastics processing, surface coatings, and medical technology prosper in this region. Industrial and other companies profit from the large number of successful, innovative high-tech and service companies and the large pool of highly qualified employees.


The Thal region has a proud economic history. Companies from the metal, porcelain, paper, celluloid and plastic processing industry gained world fame with cutting-edge products ever since the 19th century. Although some of these companies have been in the meantime replaced by smaller, export oriented high-tech businesses, entrepreneurship, inventiveness and creativity are still the basis for this subtle industrial and commercial location.


The Schwarzbubenland region with the districts Dorneck and Thierstein forms the northern part of the Canton of Solothurn. It is linked through beautiful passes in the Jura hills with the southern part of the Canton; it looks economically and culturally towards the Basel region and the German-French-Swiss border area. The key economic competences of the region are metal processing, machine- and equipment building, electronics and biotechnology.