Better bottom line

In the Canton of Solothurn, you benefit from the advantages of being right in the center, just at lower prices. We are the alternative to other business areas and suburbs which tend to have higher fixed costs and scarce housing. Here in the Canton of Solothurn, you will have a better bottom line compared to the Swiss average, as shown in a study by Credit Suisse.

Business friendly Taxation

In the Canton of Solothurn, you will benefit from our business friendly taxation:

  • Fair tax climate
  • Generous deduction policy and practice
  •  Tax free provisions for research and development, Company restructuring
  • Tax-neutral corporate reorganization
  • Tax free replacement Investments
  • Deductibility of taxes
  • Real estate income and profits as part of corporate assets
  • Special tax rulings available for holding, domicile and mixed domicile companies

Advantageous real estate costs

Prices for real estate (industrial and commercial) are considerably lower in the Canton of Solothurn compared to Swiss average. Add to this great cost-performance ratio also our ideal accessibility thanks to the two major Swiss highways, A1 and A2, and you will find optimal sites for any Kind of industry at a very fair price and with best access to all Swiss and European centers.